we works to strengthen civil society organizations and networks and enhance community engagement and participation in defining, prioritizing, and solving emerging community problems as well as participating effectively in the development process .

Who We Are ?

An organization operates in the fields of civil society and the nonprofit sector that strives to participate in developing a strong and proactive community that highly engaged in addressing development issues and community challenges. focusing on youth development in the areas of civic leadership, community participation, and organizations impact, for enabling young leaders and civic actors to have a hand in the provision and implementation of innovative and sustainable solutions that aligned with community needs and priorities .

Vision :

Towards strong, proactive, and participating community. 


To contribute in the development of a healthy and strong civil society in Sudan that has the power, abilities, and tools to set and support its priorities, Building of networks and learning from different experiences.

Mission :

To work on strengthening the role of civic society by providing refined capacity development programs and common platforms with a focus on empowering youth for enhanced competency to lead the social change.

General Goal's :

Strengthen the role of civil society in community building

Improve the organizing capacity of communities

Enhance the role of youth in the developmental processes and projects

Theory Of Action

The changes that YNO aims to accomplish through its programs and activities

Change at the level of civic actors

Building of a group of competent civic actors and social leaders who are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to lead social and community work.

Improving the financial support

by providing of common platform and improving the aspects of cooperation and networking between different entities.

Improving the community participation

Providing the knowledge, tools, and channels that enable the community to actively involved in addressing social challenges and issues.