A One year project point to make use of this tremendous organisational and actionability of the neighbourhood resistance committees, to be partially directed to serve the issues of development, democracy, and community building activities. This capacity development project is introduced as part of YNO's vision and mission in the building of strong and proactive community, which can respond correctly to the surrounding environment and the current challenges, and has the required amount of knowledge and tools that enable youth to participate in the process of positive change and building stable communities. The project targets at its short-term period to direct the concerns of active youth and individuals enrolled in the Neighborhood Resistance Committees (NRCs) to the importance of development issues, advocacy, tolerance, democratic transformation, and the role of civil society as a watchful eye. Reinforcement of the Sudanese civil society role and action is the ultimate goal and represents the long-term outcome that the project aims to accomplish


Raising their awareness about the democratic transformation.

Enhance their ability in collective and groups work.

Upgrade the tools used for networking and advocacy.

Developing social enterprises in the levels of localities and districts.

Boots their designing and implementing skills, based on the needs and the interest of communities'

Enhance the role of youth in building and maintaining democracy in Sudan through building a network between the NRCs and their local communities.

Raise the level of implementing governance and structural organization in the executive and voluntary apparatus

Expected Outcomes

Two hundred of the active youth, aware of the issues related to the mentioned challenges.

A neighbourhood economic participatory project; that supports the local development.

An action plan for each neighbourhood committee that responds to their challenges or opportunities, in coordination with the locality in the implementation mechanism.

Eight capable neighbourhood Committees which direct political action and public discourse toward serving the local communities’ agenda.

Eight capable localities members to jointly work with the neighbourhood committees in order to prepare, implement, follow up and support an annual development plan.

Budget : 109,000 $

Training packages

General package

An introductory content for youth consist of the basic knowledge and skills of civic action, development concepts, social leadership and project management and design.

Potential leaders package

An advanced content for upgraded participants from the general package who proof commitment and strong will.The package consist of political , economic , historical analysis, social innovation and different principles in community organization and governance.

Decision makers & Highly influencers package

An intensified professional content for advanced participants. The package consist of project management for development , public policy making, financial management, democratic transformation and other related topics .