civil society capacity building program that focusing on social and strategic leadership competencies in addition to the practical skills in different approaches. It is designed for young social actors in civil society (institutions and other platforms/sectors)in order to strengthen their social leadership competences and organizational capacities to be capable of creating responsive , proactive and effective civic projects, institutions and networks . The program is to help the Sudanese social actors play their role in the development more effectively and efficiently. It meets the need to enhance the current methodology of the whole humanitarian and development work which eventually could increase the impact on the sustainability and the quality of civil society development and collaboration. The program is supported by a mentorship system to mentor a task-based approach and develop a positive attitude among youth social workers. YNO also works to strengthen civil society organizations and networks and enhance community engagement and participation in defining, prioritizing, and solving emerging .community problems as well as participating effectively in the development process .


Encouraging youth to develop a participatory developmental model based on knowledge and research .

Creating a strong collaborative platform of youth that enhances the collective action and upgrade the current techniques used in development management .

Ensuring effective collaboration between all concerned stakeholders to facilitate an accelerated results of development projects

ransforming current challenges (social or otherwise) prevailing challenges in order to allow for the creation of effective and sustainable economic opportunities.

Target Groups:

1000 young social actors : Active youth aged between 30 – 18 who are enrolled or willing to participate in community development activities, organization work, or public affairs. (Community Based Committees, Activists, political parties, private sector and NGOs)

Expected Outcomes

1. Increased number of competent individuals to join different civic bodies.

2. Increased engagement of youth in policies or regulation formation

3. Increased representation of youth in leading positions.

4. Better and more innovative community projects with competent youth and proper management

5. Enhanced contribution of civic bodies in community development and advocacy.

6. Increased awareness about public affairs, development and civil society contribution among youth.

Budget 336.000 $