A media platform to promote challenging ideas and critical questions for youth about their role in social change and the new paradigms that can make this change. The power of the media and the huge impact of social media among youth is the main drive to this project. Different media content with certain messages that specifically determined through research and questioners. YNO through its research and development team , prepare different studies that dig deep in the social and psychological background of our community , and try to design different challenging themes to be promoted to media content creators to produce innovative and strong media content, that can be displayed in awards events for purpose driven media content.


Triggering the critical mindset in redefining values and concepts among youth

Highlighting the community root causes of its cultural obstacles of social change.

Promoting the collective values of proactivity, production and others acceptance.

Encouraging young content creators to produce positive content about social change.

Creating of positive social impact in a certain community is a complex process that articulated with many factors such as the political, social, economic, and cultural one therefore, setting and following specific strategy with clear indicators and outcomes will help in directing and managing of this changing cascade in a harmonized manner. Through different new initiatives and projects that have built upon the basis of collaboration and citizenship, a trigger can happened to the community to develop new habits and to have new interests in the issues related to community participation and development.

Budget 35.000 SD