Is a youth hub for social entrepreneurs that provides different services and inspiring environment with the required physical and technical support for various social actors to work together in generating of innovative models and adaptive flexible solutions to current social problems and challenges with a lasting positive impact on the community.The focus developmental areas in Yalla hub are : Education technology and alternatives , Renewable energy solutions and food security.

Target Groups:

1. NGOs & civic actors

2. Social Enterprises

3. CSR s in private sector

4. Local government

Budget : 150.000 $


Spreading a culture of social innovation and enterprise among young change agents

Empowering youth in society with tools for innovation and productivity.

Triggers sharing and exchanging of ideas & experiences that help in improving the quality of the solutions and interventions that target social problems.

Strengthens connections and building of interconnected networks between different civic actors and community workers.

Our Activities

Social innovation lab

An inclusive and collaborative design thinking process bringing together many stakeholders to address complex social problems involving experimentation, prototyping and testing solutions.It’s where new ideas, new partnerships and dynamic new platforms that address our thorniest social needs are developed and accelerated through actuators, startups, social enterprises and robust collaboration.

Social Innovation Boot camp

It's a camp for youth that designed to provide a high quality and engaging educational experience for the knowledge and skills developments of our future leaders; This mini conference will introduce social entrepreneurs to the social innovation process and help them rapidly accelerate their ideas and begin to prototype a social innovation project.

Research and development

which scan for and identify key issues, priorities and tasks through data collection, mapping and landscaping; quantitative and qualitative research; feasibility studies; monitoring and evaluation.

Pre-incubating services

Which provide social entrepreneurs with all the non financial services of preparation, empowerment, counselling, technology tie-up and financial linkages.

Co working space

an inexpensive co-work space in a positive environment with all the quality services and facilities they need. It offers members with an opportunity to find consultation and connection that enabling them to enhance their impact .