enhancing the concept of social innovation.

Our Mission

To work on strengthening the role of civic society by providing refined capacity development programs and common platforms with a focus on empowering youth for enhanced competency to lead the social change.

Our Vision

We are looking towards strong, proactive, and participating community. contribute in the development of a healthy and strong civil society in Sudan that has the power, abilities, and tools to set and support its priorities, Building of networks and learning from different experiences.

A path for change

Civil society in Sudan was found to be associated with too many obstacles and problems that directly affect its ability to positively influence the Sudanese community.

Our Genral Goals

Strengthen the role of civil society in community building

Improve the organizing capacity of communities

Enhance the role of youth in the developmental processes and projects

Our Main Project's

We have 4 main running  programs and activities

Shabab Qadir

A civil society capacity building program that focusing on social and strategic leadership competencies

Civic Building project

 project point to make use of this tremendous organizational and actionability of the neighborhood resistance committees. 

Yalla Hub

A youth hub for social entrepreneurs that provides different services and inspiring environment with the required physical and technical support. 

Why Not

A media platform to promote challenging ideas and critical questions for youth about their role in social change and new paradigms .